Kid’s Party Printables [Construction]

My beautiful ginger-haired boy turned 3 in November. Man how time has flown… I remember his birth like it was yesterday. As he was turning 3 and was yet to have a birthday party in his short time on this earth, I (we!) decided the time was his. Poor wee lad had his party cancelled last year as his little brother arrived on the scene a little later than I had envisaged, and well it was a difficult birth that resulted in an emergency c-section, so I only managed to get out of hospital the day before my big boy’s big day.

SO this year I was determined he was to have his time in the spotlight and well I guess you could say I went a little over board! It helps to be a graphic designer at times like these and I had so much fun designing all the little bits and seeing it all come together, that I decided it was something I wanted to share!

All of the ‘bits and pieces’ you see below that made up the FAB day will soon be available for purchase through the Creative Current store as ‘Print Your Own’ digital files. I’m so excited to be able to help other mums (and dads) to create a special day for their child, just like I was able to. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! ;P

Items available will be: Customised Invitations; Happy Birthday Banner; Signage; Stickers/Cupcake Toppers/Fridge Magnets; Party Hats; Food & Drink Signage; Sandpit Signage.

So how did the party turn out? Well it was a beautiful day and I think all the kids had fun! We played digging in the sandpit for ‘treasure’ and the ‘Wrecking Ball’ game – a stack of cardboard boxes and a ball attached to the clothes line makes for alot of fun!

But alas Master 3 had the tantrum of all tantrums on the day and was sent to his room to cool off!! Oh well, I guess it all became a tad too much.

Construction ‘Print Your Own’ Collection available here now!

If you are interested in finding out more about all my party ‘printables’ please have a browse of my Etsy store.

Also checkout the FREE Printables available here, including construction vehicle colouring pages.

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  1. Jenna Young says:

    WOW, that is awesome! will be back when my lil man turns three in 6 months.. so good to see something wicked like that for boys instead of fairy princesses and thomas the tank all the time :+) very inspiring.